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Bracelets that match your unique style.


Diana Matos is a Venezuelan artist with over 18 years of experience designing hand-blown glass jewelery from the colorful island of Murano, Italy. Her unique and colorful style can be found in every creation. The glass is hand-blown and each piece is a small work of art in itself. She is a staunch advocate of fair trade. With the We Are Noi bracelets she tries to extend this sustainable form of trade. Fair wages give local Venezuelan weavers a real chance at a better life.

Discover the pure soul of Murano glass and the ancient, colorful soul of Venezuelan artistry.

Our mission: to give back.

NOI provides full-time jobs to the artisan community in Venezuela. Fair trade and giving back are at the heart of everything we do. Inspired by the well-being of everyone involved in this project, we are not only providing the weavers with a fair income; we also give back to the community as a whole. Our project gave a boost to the local economy and, more importantly, created a positive work 3 environment for the weavers. On top of that, we plan to partner with various charities worldwide, so that our bracelets can truly become products that give back.

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