Mix & Match

These jewelry pieces are more than simply colorful string bracelets. They reflect your personality and empower you to be you-nique. That’s why our bracelets come in almost endless color combinations —each one every bit as rare and special as the person wearing it. No matter what season, outfit or occasion, your bracelet matches your unique style.


Vibrant colors reflecting the tropical sandy beaches of Margarita Island and the crystal-clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea.

Urban Jungle

The lively urban atmosphere of metropolitan Caracas. The dark and dramatic colors blend perfectly with the subtle shiny color variations.

Jungle Fever

The bright and luscious shades of the Amazon, combined with the spectacular radiant colors of parrots, parakeets and toucans.


Rule-breaking, personal, and exotic. Rich and vivid colors that reflect the Indian influence and Flower Power.

City Glam

Rich and full of personality, but toned down enough to blend in or act as a backdrop for almost every other color.


Pastels and light colors that create a unique combination, evoking the charming colonial architecture of Venezuela.

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