Our mission: to give back.

NOI provides full-time jobs to the artisan community in Venezuela. Fair trade and giving back are at the heart of everything we do. Inspired by the well-being of everyone involved in this project, we are not only providing the weavers with a fair income; we also give back to the community as a whole. Our project gave a boost to the local economy and, more importantly, created a positive work environment for the weavers. On top of that, we plan to partner with various charities worldwide, so that our bracelets can truly become products that give back.

Creativity & sustainability.

We at NOI pair our values with a dedication to quality and style. Today, our Venezuelan artisan community includes more than 20 women, mostly single and very low-income mothers, weaving from their rural villages in the Andes. This allows them to have a steady income while working from home, so they can continue to care for their children and families. Finally, more women are being trained to learn the traditional craft techniques in order to create a true community of artisan weavers.

UNET, National Experimental University of Táchira

Weaving our bracelets is intense work. That’s why we were determined to find someone who could design a kind of handicraft and manual loom to facilitate the weavers at work. At the moment, we are working with the National Experimental University of Táchira, one of the most prestigious universities in the Venezuelan Andes, to create a tool that does not depend on any type of electrical energy or fossil combustion —not only to reduce our ecological footprint, but also to respond to the situation in Venezuela.

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