We are NOI

The beginning.

It all started back in 2018 when Diana Matos, a renowned Venezuelan artist, visited Rotterdam, The Netherlands to meet with Frank and Glenn Laurentius —father and son who would soon become the driving financial force behind the development of this artisan development project in the Venezuelan Andes. Frank and Glenn instantly fell in love with the beauty of Venezuela and Diana’s uncurbed positivity in creating these colorful bracelets. Determined to help, they embraced this beautiful, out- of-the-ordinary project. And that’s when NOI was born…

The unseen colors of the Andes.

Diana wanted to create ethical and sustainable jewelry dedicated to thoughtful sourcing, fair trade and giving back to the community —something we can cherish for a lifetime. The colorful nylon string bracelets are woven by hand by about 25 Venezuelan Andes’ peasant women and are embellished with unique and original pieces of Italian Murano glass. It is the merger of two souls: the pure soul of Murano glass and the ancient, colorful soul of Venezuelan artistry.

Reflect your personality.

These jewelry pieces are more than simply colorful string bracelets. They reflect your personality and empower you to be you-nique. That’s why our bracelets come in almost endless color combinations —each one every bit as rare and special as the person wearing it. No matter what season, outfit or occasion, your bracelet matches your unique style.

We are NOI.

I am I. You are you. We are us. NOI is not just a brand, it’s a way of life. “We are NOI” is Italian for “We are US”. Because we are all part of us. Diversity is the world’s biggest strength —“being part of this world means we share responsibility for others, regardless of color, race, gender or economic status. We are all one family.” At NOI, we want you to choose you, choose us. It’s more than just a word, it’s a lifestyle.


Frank Laurentius

Founder & NOI Ambassador

Glenn Laurentius

Founder & NOI Ambassador

Isabella Cozzi

Head of Operations – Brand Developer NOI Ambassador

Diana Matos

NOI Artist & Designer – Team Venezuela 

Julian Laurentius

NOI Ambassador

Jamie Laurentius

NOI Ambassador

Fabian Passariello

NOI Support & Operations – Team Venezuela 

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